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Welcome to Arizona Home and Pool Services, your hassle-free Arizona pool service and repair experts

Maintaining your pool throughout the year requires the knowledge that our technicians can provide. We’ll help put together the best solution for your pool and one that fits your needs. Let us help you save money while ensuring that your pool is crystal clear and hassle-free.

Are you frustrated with your current Arizona swimming pool cleaning and repair company?

My name is Gordon and I own Arizona Home and Pool Services, a local swimming pool repair and maintenance company. I am a semi-retired, former corporate executive who decided to get into this business because I saw the need for better customer communication, timelier follow-up and to provide a better service experience for our customers.

We keep it simple and provide excellent pool services and do not have any contract. Should we have any issues, we discuss them and resolve them to your satisfaction.

  •  Our technicians are background checked
  •  We communicate pro-actively so that you know the state of your equipment or pool.
  •  The company/owner is certified in pool operations – CPO
  •  We have been in business since 2007 
  •  We use a software program called Pooltrac which ensures we provide consistent and quality services. It also allows you to receive an email after every visit with notes and pictures.
  • Our technicians have been in the Phoenix metro area and with the company for several years
  • Our technicians provide you with weekly services, as well as any repairs. That allows us to ensure we do the correct work the correct way. They know you and your pool.

Need a quote? No problem at all. We offer initial ballpark estimates for pool cleaning and maintenance, so don’t hesitate to contact or call us. Once we provide you with these estimates and they meet your budget needs, we will schedule an appointment to firm up the pricing. There will be trip fee of $60 for the onsite consultation, however that will be credited toward any approved services or repairs.


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Our valued customers receive:

  • Competitive repair and maintenance pricing
    • We constantly assess our pricing so that our customers obtain significant added value compared with standard retail pricing.
  • 24/7 support
  • Accountable, trained, and insured professionals
    • Fully trained, insured pool technicians with full background checks
  • 30-day guarantee
    • 30-day guarantee on repair labor (parts warranties are provided by the various manufacturer)
  • One time or ongoing landscaping services for our pool customers depending on service area
  • Professional guidance and repair options to ensure that critical repairs and proper maintenance are addressed

For questions about our Arizona pool services, including our Arizona pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair offerings, call us at 623-738-0300.