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Tile Cleaning

Swimming Pool and Spa Tile cleaning

Over time, pool and spa surfaces will generally display a layer of calcium buildup and staining. Tile cleaning and an acid wash (pebble) or chlorine rinse (plaster) will significantly improve how your pool looks. Our tile cleaning uses sodium bicarbonate or glass bead to safely remove any calcium from tiled surfaces. The equipment used to remove the calcium consists of a high power compressor that mixes the media with the air. The media then “blasts” the calcium without scratching or harming the surface.

The cleaning media is environmentally friendly and will dissolve or be removed through your filter system. The cost for tile cleaning depends on the thickness of the calcium deposits, the material that has to be cleaned and if the pool is drained or not.

Labor time and material costs are higher for the following situations:

  • if the thickness of the calcium is such that you can not see the underlying surface
  • if the surface is stone or a pebble surface
  • if the technician needs to clean the tile without draining the pool completely

The cost is calculated per linear foot (LF) and is approximately $3.50 to $3.95 per LF. Water feature walls, such as are depicted below, need to be included in the cost estimate. A normal tile cleaning takes approximately 4-5 hours.

Please be aware that the water in the metro Phoenix area is already hard at 200 – 250 PPM. A static body of water obtained calcium from leaching walls, surroundings and chemical reactions. A pool or spa that exceeds 400 PPM should be drained, cleaned and refilled. Cleaning the tile without draining all or part of the pool will result in the calcium returning in perhaps 9 to 12 months time.

Acid Wash - Before and After

We have trained and certified pool technicians that have the knowledge and equipment to perform this service.We highly recommend that you seek professional help instead of trying this technique yourself. We are extremely careful in ensuring a safe cleaning procedure, making sure that your pool and its surroundings are protected.