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At Arizona Home and Pool Services, we seek to provide our online visitors with the most useful and accurate information regarding their pool care needs, yard maintenance questions, or eco-friendly ways to maintain their house clean. This section outlines the most frequently asked questions about the previously mentioned areas.

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Remember that we service the entire Phoenix Arizona Valley, including the cities of Phoenix, Surprise, Glendale, Cave Creek, Carefree, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and many more. Should you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to give us a call (623) 738-0300 or contact us here.

Arizona home and pool will clean my pool, yard and even my house?

Yes, Arizona home and pool is a cleaning service company that has earned a reputation for her quality in doing services like house cleaning, pool cleaning or yard maintenance in Phoenix.  We pride ourselves in offering superior home cleaning service … Continue reading

What does Arizona Home and Pool Services do?

Arizona Home and Pool also prvides Landscape Services to our customers. We provide residential and commercial pool cleaning and landscaping service in the metro Phoenix area. Arizona Home and Pool Services works to meet the needs of the communities we serve, … Continue reading

How do I know I can trust Arizona Home and Pool Services?

Arizona Pool and Landscape Services is a recognized leader in Arizona pool repair and maintenance company. Because each pool is different we will provide different types of services, different treatments to your residential or commercial pool. Don’t hesitate to contact the … Continue reading

Why we are better than other pool cleaning companies?

At Arizona Home and Pool Services we are committed to quality service and pool cleaning in the Phoenix Arizona metro area. From weekly pool cleaning, to one time pool service, we offer the services and pricing that meet your needs. We are … Continue reading

How soon can I swim after my pool gets chemicals added?

Arizona home and pool uses the most eco friendly products making your pool safe for you and your family. The chemicals that we use for pool service in Phoenix are the number 1 products in Arizona. Nevertheless, we recommend you wait about one … Continue reading

What chemical tests are conducted regularly in my pool?

Arizona home and pool tests Chlorine, PH, Alkalinity and Calcium hardness in your pool at every visit  We recommend to keep the chemicals levels in the following range: Chlorine 1.0-2.0ppm, PH  7.2-7.8, Alkalinity 80-120ppm and Calcium hardness 180-220ppm. Arizona home and … Continue reading

What is PH?

pH is a measurement that indicates how acidic or basic the water from your pool is. pH balance in swimming pools is one of the most critical element of pool water maintenance. The ideal range for pH in swimming pool … Continue reading

Will an Arizona home and pool technician clean and service my pool each week?

Arizona home and pool offers one time, weekly, biweekly or monthly pool cleaning and services in Phoenix and all the surrounding Phoenix areas. Arizona home and pool service technician will visit each week to clean and service your swimming pool and … Continue reading

Why would I need a professional lawn care (landscape) company?

Arizona Home and Pool Services provides landscape services to our pool service customers. The landscape experts from can diagnose problems, can tell you whether or not the problem with your lawn is a disease, an insect or a lack of … Continue reading

How often should I maintain my pool?

Having a pool is not all about having fun. Following a regular maintenance program not only helps to prevent problems but also keeps the water sparkling clean, clear and inviting. Arizona home and pool is here to clean your pool … Continue reading

Does Arizona Home and Pool Services use eco-friendly products?

Arizona home and pool cares about providing a consistent, thorough pool cleaning service in Arizona. Pool water needs to have certain chemical levels in order for the water to be disinfected and remain ideal for swimming. Chlorine and other chemicals, … Continue reading

How can Arizona Home and Pool Services help me?

Arizona Pool and Landscape Services believes that nothing is as important as our customers’ satisfaction, thus we are providing information about pool care needs, yard maintenance questions, or eco friendly ways to maintain your pool. We want to educate you … Continue reading

What pool services do we provide?

Arizona Home and Pool Services is unique in the swimming pool industry in Phoenix, AZ. We are specialized in everything pool related and we are offering home and pool maintenance for commercial pool facilities and homeowners across all the surrounding … Continue reading

How should I check my pool before the Arizona summer, and how can AZ Home and Pool assist me?

Over the years, the number of people who own a pool in Arizona has grown significantly. People have recognized that owning a pool in Phoenix Arizona is a source of leisure and great fun. It is important to note, however, … Continue reading