How often should I maintain my pool?

Having a pool is not all about having fun. Following a regular maintenance program not only helps to prevent problems but also keeps the water sparkling clean, clear and inviting. Arizona Home and Pool Services is here to clean your pool and provide other repair services when needed. Once a week, it is very important to brush and vacuum the pool to remove dirt and debris accumulated on the bottom and sides of your pool. Additionally, it is important to add water as needed and to check and adjust the pH, chlorine and total alkalinity levels.

Chemicals need to be monitored so that they are optimal for your swimming pleasure. Chlorine is one of the most popular ways of Disinfecting the water in a pool on a regular basis. Maintenance is a very important factor for every pool owner.

Ignoring or not being aware of the signs of possible equipment failure can cost you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repair bills. We check equipment at every visit and notify you of possible issues.