Swimming Pool Inspection Services

Arizona Home and Pool offers new pool owners, Realtors and others a written inspection report that covers:

  • Condition of pool equipment
  • Water analysis
  • Environmental review – identifying issues with landscape or other things that may impact the upkeep of your pool
  • Repair planning, pricing and recommendations for you to address any issues and help budgeting for necessary items

Most home inspectors provide a very limited report on pool systems. They refer to the professionals for any items that are out of their expertise. I have seen too many instances where the new pool owner takes ownership of the house and pool only to find out that the pool water is “locked”, the chemicals are out of balance, that the filter is not operating as it should or that other issues where not documented. A home owner warranty company service contract has very limited coverage and may / may not provide remediation. Our inspection report ranges in price from $200 – $275 and can usually be completed and delivered within 3-4 days.