Swimming Pool Repair Services

Our residential and commercial swimming pool repair services in the Phoenix metro area are always available when needed. From equipment repairs to new equipment installation, our Arizona pool repair company will do an exceptional job in a professional manner.

Our swimming pool repair service offers:

  • Pool and spa equipment repairs
  • Pump Motor repairs or new installations
  • Filter replacement
  • Filter cartridge cleaning
  • Drain, acid/chlorine wash to enhance your pool surface
  • Pool and Spa light replacement
  • Repairing equipment plumbing leaks and plumbing replacement
  • We partner with companies that can provide:
    • Kool Deck re-decking
    • Pool surface re-plastering / tile remodel
    • Heater sizing and installation
    • Pool and spa automation upgrades and new automation installs

Save with a Variable Speed Pool Pump

In 2012, Arizona revised statute, Title 44 required that all newly installed pool motors have variable speed capabilities. This saves you money and provides for a better pool experience. Arizona Home and Pool’s swimming pool repair service can install a new variable motor.

Why should you be pro-active in pool repairs and remodel?

Most damages become more dangerous (and more expensive to repair) as time goes on. Repair your pool when needed, so you don’t end up with an even larger issue in the long run. Owning a pool in the Phoenix metro area is a joyous luxury, but only if it’s safe to swim in.

Why use us as your pool repair company of choice?

At Arizona Home and Pool, we have accountable, trained, and insured professionals. We’re fully trained to perform all the tasks we offer. Our competitive pricing will always be competitive with the prices of other pool repair companies in the Phoenix metro area. We’ll work with you to complete our job to your specifications.

Any questions regarding our swimming pool repair services can be answered when you call us at 623-738-0300. Your swimming pool will be repaired in no time when you work with us, Arizona Home and Pool.