What services are performed at each service visit?

Arizona Home and Pool Services offers one time, weekly, biweekly swimming pool cleaning and services. Your pool service technician will visit on the same day and approximate time to clean and service your swimming pool and spa. Your pool and spa maintenance is our job. You choose the pool cleaning package that is the most convenient for you and we do the rest.  Each visit consists of several maintenance checks and equipment checks. When we leave, your pool should be clean and ready for fun!

We spend an average time of 20 minutes maintaining your pool – more than twice as long as compared to the industry average of 10 minutes per visit.

  • all skimmer and pump baskets are cleaned out
  • the surface is skimmed clean
  • the walls and floor are brushed
  • water chemical balance is tested
  • chlorine and muriatic acid is added
  • equipment is operated and checked for leaks or other issues
  • we log the service visit in our service software and send you an email with a picture
  • other minor items to make the pool area safe and clean